Monday, May 7, 2012

2012 Volunteer Installation

The Wonderful Table Settings

Hourly Pins

Beautiful Flower Arrangement

Some of our wonderful Volunteers

Conversing before lunch is served

We had a full house!

From left to right:  Donald Frederic, Mike McCoy, Roy Boland, Wendell VanEs

Volunteers helping themselves to the wonderful food provided by Susie Moorehouse & her Dietary Staff

Donald Frederic & John

Donald Frederic & Hazel

Thursday, December 17, 2009

2011 Christmas Tea

Above: Delphine Zydzik, Maggie Barlow, & Patsy Parnell

From Left to Right: Hazzell Anderson, Mildred Smith, Verna Daniel, & Bonnie Vinson

Grabbing a bit of food!

Above: Sharyn French, Paulette Ridings, & Patsy Housdan

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Award of Excellence for Saint Mary's Auxiliary 2011

Mike McCoy presenting the plaque to Evelyn Denton, this year's winner of the Volunteer of Excellence Award!!

She is always calm, positive and cheerful.
She always has something positive and motivational to say.
She makes everyone feel good about ourselves and our work here.
She treats everyone with kindness and courtesy.
She understands and lives our values of teamwork and communication.
She takes her role here seriously. If something needs to be done, she works to put together a team to get it done. And if a team can’t be gathered, she finds a way to do it herself.
…has given many hours of her own time to the hospital and auxiliary.
She often comes in when she is not scheduled to work. I don’t think she even counts these hours as volunteer hours.
…is so good to visit all the hospital departments and nursing stations to share information about jewelry sales and special projects.
She always checks in with the nursing stations to see if we need any help.
I’ve seen her taking the book cart around to patient rooms. I don’t think anyone else does that.
She does everything she can to promote the hospital.
She is a strong, quiet leader.
…has been one of the best auxiliary officers we’ve ever had.

This person has proudly served Saint Mary’s for nine years, beginning her service as a volunteer in September 2002. Since that time she has served more than 1700 hours. She has worked many additional hours at home or at Saint Mary’s taking care of details, planning, organizing, and communicating with hospital staff, gift shop employees and other volunteers as well as state and district leaders. She has a servant’s heart and a generous spirit. We applaud her dedication and the service she has proudly provided to Saint Mary’s, our patients, and their families.

Monday, October 12, 2009

2009 Picnic!!

Sue, Barbara, and BJ

The wonderful hosts, Barbara and Dale
Surprise! Lou, Maggie, Bonnie, and Patsy (right)

Irene and Sue

Bonnie and Patsy

This group just looks like they are up to no good!....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

2009 Scholarship Recipients

Great job with the book, jewelry, and gift-shop sales, as well as the personal donations! We were able to give away 15 $500 scholarships this year. All recipients are Saint Marys employees and are planning on entering in to the medical field.

Recipients by major:

  • Nursing: Wendy Small, Abby Alford, Zach Mabry, Jessica Lawhon, Donna Owens, Casey Hankins, Rebecca Posik, Kelsey Estep, Denitha Hernandez, Rachel McNett, Christy Butler

  • Pharmacy: Adam Gaines, Kayla Rudolph

  • Pre-Medical: Amanda Garner

  • Medical Technology: April Fitzpatrick

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Volunteen End of Summer Celebration

The volunteens just wrapped up a record-breaking summer for the total number of hours contributed and were recognized with a day full of pizza and bowling to "chill" before they head back to school for the fall. In between all of the laughter and I-pod music the teen's were asked what they enjoyed most about volunteering this summer...

"Going home knowing that I made a difference in someone’s life;” Mary

“Getting to help people in need;” Matthew.

“Taking people where they needed to go and hearing their stories;” Sarah.

“Seeing people light up when I delivered flowers to their room;” Sam.

“Building relationships with other volunteens and people at the hospital;” Mary Jo.

“Getting to help people in need, which really helps me with my future career in nursing. I am just sad that the summer has come to an end so quickly;” Brannah.

“I really enjoyed volunteering. My favorite part was helping Shelly in Outpatient Services. Helping patients is also a big part of why I like it;” Maria.

“The best thing about volunteering at Saint Mary’s is helping others;” Felicia.

“Hospital employees were always willing to answer questions. They were always very kind;” Ellie.