Friday, May 22, 2015

Papa Johns gives a warm "Thank You" to Volunteers

A special shout out to PAPA JOHN's for treating our volunteers to some delicious treats! Yesterday PAPA JOHN's delivered some savory Garlic Knots to our Volunteers. Today PAPA JOHN's own Michael Jennings delivered warm chocolate brownies to our vols! WOW!!! How special is that? THANK YOU PAPA JOHN'S!!

Book Donations for Auxiliary Scholarships!

Dorthy Carrell stopped by Saint Mary's today to drop off a donation of books to our Volunteers Gary Jay and Audrey Olson. Last year our Volunteers sold used books and held two scrub sales to provide more than $6000 in scholarships to employees pursuing nursing and clinical degrees. We appreciated your generous donation Dorthy! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Volunteer Auxiliary Installation & Service Awards Luncheon

Saint Mary's Auxiliary Volunteers are the sweetest! So what a better way to recognized auxiliary members ,welcome new volunteers, and install officers then at their Candy themed Spring luncheon?!
Gumballs and lollipops and all sorts of treats,
And a vision of volunteers who are oh so sweet.
To share special gifts and talents each day
And give of themselves in every way.

Decorations included huge, brightly colored gumball machines, lush fabrics in different hues, large wrapped "gumballs" and "hard candy" lights!

Volunteers enjoyed a lunch of savory dishes and a variety of sweet desserts.


 Musical entertainment provided by Scott Arnold           and Diane Maxil

L to R: Vice President Lynette Price, President Diana Stensland, Interim CEO Mike McCoy and CFO Wendell VanEs

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Making an impact through 40 years of volunteering

For nearly 40 years, a familiar face has greeted patients with flowers, read get well cards and offered assistance to those entering Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center.

It’s a sense of helping another that keeps Delphine Zydzik volunteering at the hospital. It’s a role she filled for nearly 6,000 hours.

Although not a native of Russellville, Zydzik said she feels at home at Saint Mary’s. She began volunteering at the hospital in November 1975, when a nurse asked if she would like to help during her spare time.

Almost 40 years later, Zydzik has served as the past president of the auxiliary group and the nominating, scrapbook and media, phone and tray favors committees, in addition to implementing the sunshine committee, which sends cards to those in the group.

“I figure if I do a favor for one person a day, it makes me happy,” Zydzik said. “My favorite part of volunteering is making someone else happy.”

Zydzik and her husband, James, moved to the Arkansas River Valley from Milwaukee in June 1975 to aid in the construction of the Hackney Ladish facility. Now with two married sons, two grandsons and a great-granddaughter, Zydzik said she finds joy in helping those in her adoptive community.

“I kept meeting different people. I would open mail, read cards, stop by to say hello,” Zydzik said. “I’ve made a lot of good friends at the hospital.”

Among all the roles she filled during volunteering, Zydzik said she has most enjoyed watching newborn babies. She was called one day to watch a young girl whose mother was at work and whose father was active in military service. She spent eight hours with the patient and made a personal connection. That connection is one Zydzik said she will continue to foster as long as she can.

“I will continue to do this as long as I can,” Zydzik said. “Saint Mary’s has been good to me.”

Zydzik’s compassion for her role as a volunteer is evident in those she works with. Although new to volunteering at Saint Mary’s, Linda Jones said she has already made a friend in Zydzik.

“She always has a smile and has been very nice to me and those we help,” Jones said. “She’s a very pleasant person to work with.”

Volunteer Coordinator Diana Herrera said Zydzik’s volunteer effort is second to none.

“She has always strived to be actively involved with the volunteer duties since becoming a volunteer in 1975. You can ‘set your watch’ by her schedule. If she’s scheduled to work, you can bet she’s here,” Herrera said. “To say she is dependable is an understatement. We are very fortunate to have Delphine and all her knowledge here at Saint Mary’s as one of our wonderful volunteers.”


Saint Mary’s Auxiliary honored for hours and years of service

Along with enjoying a special meal, Saint Mary’s volunteers welcomed new volunteers, installed officers and recognized auxiliary service at their spring luncheon.

Thirty-eight volunteers were honored during the Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center Volunteer Auxiliary Installation and Service Awards Luncheon on Monday — including Delphine Zydzik, who over the years has recorded 6,900 hours of service.

Zydzik has volunteered at Saint Mary’s for nearly 40 years and was among 14 volunteers who were honored for more than 10 years of dedication to the hospital.

“This annual spring installation and recognition luncheon and ceremony is well-deserved,” Mike McCoy, interim chief executive officer, said. “Without this auxiliary, we could not accomplish what we do at Saint Mary’s. Our volunteers’ goodwill, energy and abilities make a big difference in the achievement of our mission, and we applaud their dedication and all they do for this hospital and the River Valley community.

“Each year, our hospital invests and moves forward in technologies and medical techniques, but these advancements cannot replace the value of the human touch. Our volunteers are here to welcome our guests, comfort our patients and support our staff – because they care and want to give back. They are a constant in the ever-changing frontier of healthcare, and for all of these things we want to show our gratitude and honor them.”

Barbara Boeh, Dale Boeh and Maggie Barlow have served 20 years, and Verna Daniel, Nina Price and Patsy Parnell have served 15 years. Judy Bost, Naomi Darter, Charles Davis, Evelyn Denton, Sharyn French, Audrey Olson and Alice Wells have served 10 years at the hospital.

After lunch, music and special entertainment, new volunteers and committee members were honored by Volunteer Coordinator Diana Herrera.
The Nominating Committee includes Mary Lou Wilkinson, Janet Thurber and Lynette Price. The Sunshine Committee includes Dixie Cook. The Phone Committee includes Zydzik and Nina Price. The Scrapbook and Print Media Committee includes Thurber. The Tray Favors Committee includes Barlow and Thurber.

The Scholarship Committee includes Wanda Reed, Sheila Gosnell, Lynette Price, Ampara Bartlet and French. The Christmas Stocking Committee includes Barbara Boeh and Dale Boeh. The Bylaws Committee includes French, Dale Boeh and Davis. The Publicity Committee includes Denton and George Stensland. The Used Book Committee includes Denton and Thurber. The Stamps for Soldiers Committee include Ray Ward and Dale Boeh.

Wendell Van Es, chief executive officer, presented hourly pens, while Brenda Harrison, director of community relations and marketing, presented the years of service awards. Recognized for hours of service includes Gosnell, 100 hours; Juanita Pinkston and Carole Woodman, 200 hours; Nancy Charette and Perri Jean Morhar, 300 hours; Kathy Palmer and Liliya Robertson, 400 hours; Robert McCormick, 500 hours; Shirley McCormick, Lynette Price and George Stensland, 600 hours; Karen Castleberry, Jean Ann Flowers and Paulette Ridings, 700 hours; Cook, George Reed and Diana Stensland, 800 hours; Gary Jay, Wanda Reed and Wilkinson, 900 hours; Pat Housdan, 1,000 hours; Dianne Rose, 1,100 hours; Naomi Darter, 1,300 hours; Kathryn Kinsey, 1,500 hours; Audrey Olson, 1,800 hours; Thurber, 1,900 hours; Judy Bost and Denton, 2,100 hours; French, 2,200 hours; Barlow, 3,000 hours; Jerry Pruitt, 3,600 hours; Sue Schrock, 4,000 hours; Davis, 4,400 hours; Barbara Boeh and Dale Boeh, 4,600 hours; Nina Price, 5,500 hours; Daniel, 6,300 hours; and Zydzik, 6,900 hours.

McCoy installed the 2015-16 volunteer auxiliary officers, who include Diana Stensland, president; Lynette Price, vice president; Wanda Reed, secretary; and French, treasurer.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Volunteer Cookie Platters for Nurses Appreciation week!

In honor National Nurses Day and the many outstanding nurses at Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center, Volunteers baked hundreds of delicious home-made cookies and delivered them to the nurses throughout the hospital. Our volunteers are absolutely AMAZING!!

                                           Nurses happily enjoying the homemade cookies!

 President Dianna Stensland and Sheila Gosnell putting together a cookie tray for Saint Mary Nurses!

 From L to R: Wanda Reed, Sheila Gosnell, Evelyn Denton, Janet Thurber and Lynette Price with a wide variety of cookies for Nurses Appreciation!

Volunteer Wanda Reed putting together cookie trays!